Can I Get Visitation With My Child?

Parents have the right to visit their child when they’re no longer together with the other parent. Sadly, some parents use various techniques to scare the other parents out of their visitation rights. The children hurt in such a situation but you can fight back with the help of a lawyer.  Many other people are unaware of the rights and fail to embellish them as a result. You deserve to see your child just as much as they deserve their parents.

When to Visit Your Child

Although it’s true that many courts give custody of a minor child to a mother, dads also have rights to see their child. If the mother is unfit and there is proof of such, dads may then regain custody of the child. If the first situation applies and you’re unable to see your child, it’s a good idea to talk to a child visitation rights fullerton lawyer.

Establishing Paternity: Step One

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If you weren’t married during the time the child was born, paternity must be legally established before you’ll have any rights to the child. This may simply mean that both parents sign the acknowledgement of paternity with the courts after the baby is born. However, it is sometimes done via DNA testing via a court order. This is oftentimes the case when the custodial parent seeks child support for their minor children.

No Court Help Needed

Determining an appropriate visitation schedule without the help of the courts is always a good idea. Once the courts are involved, things often add complications and risks that would otherwise not be present. It’s easier for the kids and for everyone involved. However, if an agreement is impossible to come up with yourself, be sure that the lawyer is there to help in the court process.