Illegal Employer Acts Against Employees

An employee is hired by an employer to perform a job. While every place of business asks employees to perform various types of tasks and duties, all employers are bound by the same set of legal rules and laws that can’t be broken under any circumstances. Sadly, some employees take advantage of employees if they think the person doesn’t know their rights or simply won’t make a fuss about things. It is in those situations when hiring a competent employment law attorney orlando fl is ideal.

Your employer can ask you to work 40 hours per week, on the clock, for your agreed-upon wage. They May not change this wage. Any hours worked over 40 in a single week is considered overtime. Any Overtime pay must be allocated at time and one-half. If your employer asks you to work for a pay rate less than agreed upon or for regular time after 40 in a single week, get on the phone to talk to a lawyer to learn your rights.

Employers cannot fire you based on any discriminatory practices, including race, sexual orientation, or marital status. You certainly have grounds to file a lawsuit if you are terminated for one of these reasons or if your hours are reduced, pay cut, or other drastic actions are taken. But, you do need an experienced lawyer by your side to file a lawsuit and handle any of the many issues that come along with these acts.

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Employers are bound by laws that, when they break, they should pay the price. Talk to a lawyer during a free consultation to learn your rights and the best steps to take if you’re involved in the illegal practices above, or others. Do not allow an employer treat you any way they choose just because they’re the boss. You have rights and a lawyer can ensure those rights are met.